Friday, August 27, 2010

kissed by an angel

Do you see what I see??

That's right...those are the very first freckles appearing on my baby boy's face. Looks like he will take after his sisters after all. Can't wait to see more of them pop up on his chubby little face!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Another one off to Kindergarten!

I can't even believe I'm writing a blog post right now about how Reagan started Kindergarten today and how I am officially the mother of a Kindergartner & a 2nd Grader. 2nd Grader! But that is precisely the post I am writing right this very moment, whether I choose to be in denial about this or not. The girls both did remarkably well this morning being dropped off at school for their Big First Day, and they got in the car this afternoon beaming with pride and ready to tell me all their stories from the day. Here are a few pictures from the day and the preparation last night.

The Perfect Book for the Occasion

Breakfast & Sleepy-Eyed Children

A Little Sisterly Advice

Packing Up

The Brood

The Very Seemingly Empty Car On The Way Home

Calling Daddy to Tell Him All About Her Day

And if you're wondering why there are no pictures of MacKenzie walking into her class, well she's just way too cool for that. You didn't know that? Oh, ok...well now you do.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Last weekend we went to visit our great friends who moved away a few years ago. We had all 3 of our pregnancies together. The only difference is their last one was twins! So they got a two-for-one deal! Our boys who are only weeks apart in age had never met, so I got them all matching PJ's to wear for our first night there. Here they are together. It was a little challenging to get a picture of all 3 of them, to say the least. And would you believe I did not take one more picture the rest of the weekend!? That's because we had such a blast and were off doing such fun things, I didn't want to be behind my camera. We miss you guys! And we were SO glad we got to come and spend the weekend with you all!

Ty's First Haircut

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Since Reagan was turning the big 5 on her next birthday, we asked her what she wanted to do. She responded with, "I wanna go bowling!" Love that! So we took a few of her friends bowling and fun was had by all. I just wish I had a lane I could have bowled on. But this isn't about me, so moving on.

Check out that form!

Notice the lane Reagan was playing on. No, I did not request that we be given lane 23. That would be lame. Seriously. They just assigned us that lane. And so it continues...

"I love bowling!" - Ty

The Gang

The Fam. It's absolutely crazy how much my children look like their Dad. What's a girl gotta do to get some credit over here!?

The Cake. With fake glass slipper on top. Gotta love 5 year olds and their choice for cake.

Does it fit? Does it fit? Cinderella here.

Games, Games, & More Games

Thank you to all who came to celebrate Reagan's 5th birthday with us. We had a blast. Oh and if you're looking for the easiest, most economical way to have a great, fun party, check out Main Event. Not kidding. It was VERY reasonably priced, and really a lot of fun. Not to mention the party host. Oh, the party host. She did EVERYTHING. Took the cake out of my hands as soon as I walked in the door. Got all the kids their bowling shoes and took care of their regular shoes. Lined up all of their shoes when they were done, so they could all change back. Took the presents to the party room. Served the drinks. Cut the pizza. Served the pizza. Gave out napkins. Took Ty to the bathroom & changed his diaper. Ha! Just checking to see if you're still reading. Cut the cake. Served the cake. Seriously everything short of wiping my kid's hiney. She did it. It. was. awesome. One of the few parties I've thrown for my kids where I can just sit back and ENJOY it.