Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bunk Beds are great...


                                    your child goes

                                     off the side
                                       from the 
                                                   to the
                          and then
                               they cause
                                    all kinds of 

Monday, November 24, 2008

I like to move it, move it

Not Me Monday

I did not keep walking by my pan of green beans and stir & stir, wondering why the butter wasn't really melting after 20 minutes on the stove and I did not finally realize I had the pan on the front burner and the burner that was on was in the back!

I did not order a cheeseburger & fries for myself & a grilled cheese sandwich for my 3 year old for lunch the other day at Chili's. And I did not eat my cheeseburger and then finish the grilled cheese my 3 year old did not eat. Ok, grilled cheese ever! Go to Chili's and order a kids grilled cheese. You will NOT be sorry.

I absolutely did not enjoy lying on the couch, eating chicken tacos & watching football all afternoon with my hubby one bit. Nope...not at all. lying, couch, chicken tacos, football...what's not to love!

My husband did not get a teeny bit jealous when I made a comment that most quarterbacks are good looking guys. None as good looking as my "quarterback" of course. 

I do not wish I could skip brushing my teeth for the next month so I don't have to deal with the ridiculous gagging that comes with it. 

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday

I am not still feeling extremely yucky because of this.

I did not sit on the couch crying while watching Steel Magnolias for the 487th time. I know the ending! I can recite every single line in the movie, yet I still sob. Note to not watch Steel Magnolias again while pregnant & hormonal. 

I did not have my sweet babysitter come over an hour earlier than scheduled just so I could take a nap before my photo shoot. Sooooooooo sleepy.

I did not send my 3 year old to school with diarrhea so I could go to The Nutcracker Market. Before you freak out, especially those of you who read this that have other children in my 3 year old's class, she was not sick or contagious. She just had an upset tummy...promise!

I did not finish my 3 year old's cupcake at a birthday party and then get a piece of cake for myself. aahhh...the excuse of pregnancy to eat whatever, whenever, however. I will never not take advantage of that one!

I do not think it is mildly pathetic that so many of my posts on this blog and status updates on Facebook are about food. I'm definitely seeing a trend here.

I will not, I repeat, will not eat Cap'n Crunch Berries cereal again for the 6th day in a row tomorrow morning for breakfast. 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thank You...

...everyone for all of your well wishes. We are excited to be adding to our family. And no, Sharla, there will be no family of 6, at least by the end of this pregnancy. I can make no guarantees about later in life.    :)     For now, there's only 1 bun in the oven. We have already had the chance to see him/her (it's SO going to be a girl, by the way) and we saw the heart just flashing away. That was really great. The due date for this little one is July 1st. So by this summer Marty & I will officially be outnumbered by our children. Yep, that's right. You know the old saying, ..."strength in numbers." We may be in trouble. I am still feeling quite ill and can I just say warning: TMI coming right at you it's not super fun to be wiping your 3 year old's diarrhea soaked bottom 12 times a day and 6 times in the middle of the night while feeling like you're going to puke. The smell of strong perfume about kills me, so you can imagine what her scent does! So I am trying to remember that feeling this way is a good sign. I have to remind myself of that 37 times a day. In the meantime I have been sucking on lemon drops, eating saltine crackers by the pound and trying to sleep, sleep, sleep as much as possible. I am already counting down the days until the first trimester is over and hoping for a reprieve from all of this when that day comes. I will certainly keep you all updated on the progress of things as they go. Until next time...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blech.... how I'm feeling. 

I guess....





Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday

I wasn't planning on not participating in Not Me Monday today, just because I hadn't had a lot of time to write things down this week for it and then upon going to MckMama's blog and seeing the list of names begin the blog carnival have this complete feeling of "I gotta do a Not Me Monday! How could I NOT do a Not Me Monday!" 

I did not take my girls to the Ice Cream store for dinner one night and we all did not indulge in ice cream with "mixin's" stuffed in the most ridiculous chocolate coated, sprinkled waffle cones.

And I did not say, "Excuse me, huh?" when the lady behind the ice cream counter informed me that my total was $16.20. I thought ice cream would be a thrifty way to "eat out." What is this world coming to?

I did not put my 5 year old's hair up in a ponytail again today for school to hide the fact that it looks like it may not have been washed in a few days. 

I did not have no idea how to respond when my converation with my 5 year old about the 10 Commandments took an ugly turn like this: 
Me: "...and the 6th Commandment says, 'Do Not Kill'"
MacKenzie: "Like, do not kill animals?"
Me: "Right, do not kill anything."
MacKenzie: "But Daddy killed a deer...", the 7th Commandment says.....

I did not check off that I would prefer for the school picture people to take my 3 year old's picture on two different backgrounds, just to see what they could come up with for her, when I really have no intention of purchasing a school picture. Evil, I know and I'm a photographer. You would think I would be more empathetic. 

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Prayer of Salvation...sort of :)

The girls' bath time, Casting Crown's "All Because of Jesus" song playing in the bathroom. Lyrics being sung:

"It's all because the blood of Jesus Christ, That covers me and raised this dead man's life."
MacKenzie: Mom, does that really happen?
Me: What?
MacKenzie: Someone dying and then being alive again?
Me: Jesus did that.
MacKenzie: Yeah, but could it happen here, like to us?
Me: Well, when we die, we don't come back alive here on this Earth, but we do in Heaven.
Reagan: We're dying!?
Me: No, no we're not dying. Well we all will die sometime, but not for a very long time.
MacKenzie: Yeah, Reagan especially not us...we have a really long time.
MacKenzie: So I get it, we don't come back alive here on this Earth but we do come back alive at the other place.
Me: Yes, in Heaven. Well and you know you get to Heaven by having Jesus in your heart.
Reagan: Jesus, COME IN!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Breaking News...You heard it here first

**Update: Look's like my 5 year old was onto something.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me Monday - Athens Style

A little background: My business partner Shannon & I traveled to Athens, Texas this past weekend to photograph a few familes there. These are all experiences we had in the charming town of Athens.

We did not walk into the local DQ one of the only places we could find to grab a quick bite, go figure and there is no way we heard the owner of the joint say to us in his very thick Texan accent, "We'll be with y'all in justa minute. The cooks are out takin' a smoke break." Nope...we definitely heard that wrong. That would NOT happen!

And as we were waiting for the cooks to get back from their "smoke break" to order our food, the owner did not proceed to tell us his entire life story and then break out wallet pictures of his "Granbabies" to show us. I think we may have been the first customers to walk into that place in about 3 years. 

As we ate dinner later that evening at the local Applebee's one of the only other restaurants in town. We did NOT want to go back to the DQ again! we did not hear a Mom telling her son very loudly to go sit back down and as we looked over to see the Mom standing at the bar looking down at her approx. 3 year old son we most certainly did not hear this: "I sayyeed go sit daiyoon! Momma's gitten her another beer!" 

We did not proceed to get lost EVERY time we went anywhere because the streets have no names and every piece of direction we received included the "square." "Just look for the square." "Turn just past the square." I'm sorry but what in the WORLD is a "square!?!" 

We did not have three of the best photo shoots and cannot wait to post sneak peeks for those soon! 

We are not the least bit thrilled to be back home and out of The Twilight Zone Athens.

All this is in complete fun of course. If you read this and you live in Athens, do not take offense. I'm sure Athens has plenty of great and wonderful things to offer. We were just not there long enough to see any.    ;)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Makings of a Haunt

First, our costumes: We were all Wizard of Oz characters as requested by Reagan (Dorothy) For some strange reason, she was adamant that I be the "Mean Witch." I have no idea why she would not bend on that one. 

Now for the haunt: