Thursday, November 6, 2008

Prayer of Salvation...sort of :)

The girls' bath time, Casting Crown's "All Because of Jesus" song playing in the bathroom. Lyrics being sung:

"It's all because the blood of Jesus Christ, That covers me and raised this dead man's life."
MacKenzie: Mom, does that really happen?
Me: What?
MacKenzie: Someone dying and then being alive again?
Me: Jesus did that.
MacKenzie: Yeah, but could it happen here, like to us?
Me: Well, when we die, we don't come back alive here on this Earth, but we do in Heaven.
Reagan: We're dying!?
Me: No, no we're not dying. Well we all will die sometime, but not for a very long time.
MacKenzie: Yeah, Reagan especially not us...we have a really long time.
MacKenzie: So I get it, we don't come back alive here on this Earth but we do come back alive at the other place.
Me: Yes, in Heaven. Well and you know you get to Heaven by having Jesus in your heart.
Reagan: Jesus, COME IN!


Kelli said...

What a beautiful conversation to have with your girls. Jamison told me yesterday that she loves God and Jesus. So sweet.