Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday

I am not still feeling extremely yucky because of this.

I did not sit on the couch crying while watching Steel Magnolias for the 487th time. I know the ending! I can recite every single line in the movie, yet I still sob. Note to not watch Steel Magnolias again while pregnant & hormonal. 

I did not have my sweet babysitter come over an hour earlier than scheduled just so I could take a nap before my photo shoot. Sooooooooo sleepy.

I did not send my 3 year old to school with diarrhea so I could go to The Nutcracker Market. Before you freak out, especially those of you who read this that have other children in my 3 year old's class, she was not sick or contagious. She just had an upset tummy...promise!

I did not finish my 3 year old's cupcake at a birthday party and then get a piece of cake for myself. aahhh...the excuse of pregnancy to eat whatever, whenever, however. I will never not take advantage of that one!

I do not think it is mildly pathetic that so many of my posts on this blog and status updates on Facebook are about food. I'm definitely seeing a trend here.

I will not, I repeat, will not eat Cap'n Crunch Berries cereal again for the 6th day in a row tomorrow morning for breakfast. 


Honey Mommy said...

I should get that cereal! My little boy only wants to eat the Crunch Berries when we have the other kind anyway!

Kelli said...

I love the one about having your sitter come over early. That is SO something I would do. Get some rest.

-stephanie- said...

oh, I miss the days of the p'd on stick. I may just go get one to see it say "not pregnant" Hope your feeling "yucky" goes away soon.

Lacey said...

Yep, your food logs are what gave me the huntch you were pregnant a month ago. :)) But I totally don't think it is pathetic..I am glad there is someone else like me. Hope all the yummy food is helping you feel better!

Emily said...

ur not mes always make me smile:) U are the cutest:)

Jamie said...

I totally didnt mind coming early. Call me anytime Lindsay!