Sunday, January 22, 2012

Baby Prep Mode & Facebook Takes Over

So, I'm sure some of you (if there are any of you actually left reading) are wondering where I've been. I have to admit, Facebook has taken over a little bit with my sharing of The Miller Experience. It's just easier to post a quick pic or write a little something to share. But then I realize I have readers here who are not on Facebook or are not my "friends" and those people are not seeing what we are up to. So I thought I'd do a little update for you. We are in full Baby Prep Mode around these parts: teeny, tiny baby clothes washing; cleaning out closets & making room for baby things to come out of the attic; signing all consent forms at the hospital and making sure we're registered & ready to go there; talking a lot about Baby Ford to Ty so we can get him as prepared as possible; stocking up on diapers & wipes; thinking about what's going to go in the hospital bag and making lists of things we need to get done before his arrival. We had one last ultrasound on Thursday to get an estimate on Baby Boy's weight and see if he's in position, ready for his eviction. He's measuring a little on the small side (say what!?) so we'd like for him to stay put for at least another 2 weeks. Then, if he cooperates with our plan, he will be served his eviction papers around the 7th of February. For once, I'm hoping he doesn't decide to break his lease early & come on his own. (There will be a hefty fine for that!) I like the idea of having all my ducks in a row (quite literally) and having everyone taken care of for the day we know he will be evicted. Only time will tell if Mr. Ford is going to go along with our little scheme. So until then, here is the latest "pic of him" from last week. See you all a mother to FOUR children....scary.