Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Birthday J-Pop

Today is my Dad's (aka J-Pop) Birthday. Because his birthday happens to fall on Halloween, he rarely gets a proper celebration. It's always, "Happy Birthday...ok gotta go get my costume on and head out to trick or treat!" This year we decided to surprise him on the 30th, since, you know, everyone would be busy on the 31st. So we had him come over to our house thinking he was just dropping by to see the kids in their costumes since we won't be together on Halloween. I think he was pretty surprised. Happy Birthday J-Pop! We love you!

Friday, October 23, 2009

4 Months

So here we are again. Another month has gone by and it happened in a flash. My baby boy is 4 months old. I keep thinking, "2 more months and he will be half a year!" I know everyone always says it goes by way too fast, but goodness this boy is seriously in fast forward mode! He has done everything earlier than what he should and I really am going to have a talk with him about slowing everything down.
Here are some things my boy is up to:

  • He now rolls over from front to back and from back to front.
  • He recently has become obsessed with sticking his tongue out. It's such a cute pointy tongue, if I do say so myself.
  • He is enamored by his big sisters and will just stare at them in amazement.
  • He's sleeping about 11 hours at night and takes good naps during the day!
  • He continues to be the most flexible, easy-going baby and can just go with whatever we happen to have going on.
  • He is recognizing our voices now and gets excited when he hears one of us talking.
  • He is becoming much more vocal and lets out loud squeals when he's mad & when he's happy.
Until next time... (which will obviously be a month from now, but trust me, will feel like a few days)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Do like dat"

See this?
Does it remind you of this?

I guess my finger really does "do like dat."

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ty Likes To Move It

My 3 month old has figured out a way to get around already! I am in

Random Thought of the Day

So I was waiting in line at the DPS this afternoon, Always a delightful & fun experience, especially toting a heavy 3 month old in an infant seat and keeping track of a 4 year old with way too much energy, and I was thinking. Not much else you can do waiting in line at the DPS, except people watching...ooh, people watching is actually quite entertaining at the DPS. But I'm getting off track. That's another story for another day. Something made me start thinking of our kids' names and the thought came to me that Ty's name is actually the last 2 letters in my husband, Marty's name. Then I thought, well the first letter of his name is actually the first letter in our first child, MacKenzie's name. Then it came to me that the third letter in his name is the start of our second child, Reagan's name. When I put all my crazy, random thoughts together I realized that Marty's name is really a representation of all of our children's names AND in order!


A sign that our family is complete and there is no more room for another child's name in there, and that child would inevitably feel left out....maybe so.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

No Sir, Jon

Today TLC halted all filming of the Gosselin kids because of a threatening letter they received from Jon Gosselin's lawyers. Apparently Jon now believes "TLC is a 'monster' that has greedily cashed in on his family" and wants them to stop filming his children immediately. Hmm....ok. Well I don't recall hearing you call them a "monster" when they were paying for you to hang out at home all day doing whatever you wanted. And I'm not so sure it was only TLC that had "greedily cashed in" when you went out and bought that million dollar home, Mr. Gosselin.
And very interestingly all of this came about just days after TLC announced Jon & Kate Plus 8 would now be sans the "Jon &" and would be known simply as "Kate Plus 8." So let me get this straight, Jonny Boy, you're a-ok with "the TLC corporate machine devouring your family" a direct quote from Jon's lawyer as long as they've got you on the payroll? Why, oh why is this now such a problem for you? Oh ok, it's just a coincidence that as soon as they announce you're out, you suddenly believe it's not good for them to be filming your children. Riiiiiight! Get a grip. Did you actually think people would not see right through this? Well maybe you did. Maybe all the partying and staying up late you have been doing lately has clouded your head a bit. Let me de-cloud it a bit. Wake Up! Get off your

metallic, pearl blue cell phone, put down your cigarette that you're holding as if you're a teenager, take out those diamond earrings, and grow up! I'm so tired of people using the media to gain fame & fortune then shunning them when it's not quite working out in their favor. Oh, I'm so sorry you've been tied down with a crazy wife and 8 small children at the young age of 32. Boo flipping Hoo for you. I just feel awful that having a family has really stifled your inner party animal and you just weren't able to go out and party with the boys like you wanted. Really. I feel for you. Bottom line: You have 8 very influenceable little people looking to you as their example. Man up, Jon. Man. Up. Stop whining about how hard your life was and giving excuses for why it's ok for you to be out partying while your kids are at home wondering where you are. So I say to you in as Southern of an accent as I say "No Ma'am." No Sir Jon. No Sir.