Monday, October 5, 2009

Random Thought of the Day

So I was waiting in line at the DPS this afternoon, Always a delightful & fun experience, especially toting a heavy 3 month old in an infant seat and keeping track of a 4 year old with way too much energy, and I was thinking. Not much else you can do waiting in line at the DPS, except people watching...ooh, people watching is actually quite entertaining at the DPS. But I'm getting off track. That's another story for another day. Something made me start thinking of our kids' names and the thought came to me that Ty's name is actually the last 2 letters in my husband, Marty's name. Then I thought, well the first letter of his name is actually the first letter in our first child, MacKenzie's name. Then it came to me that the third letter in his name is the start of our second child, Reagan's name. When I put all my crazy, random thoughts together I realized that Marty's name is really a representation of all of our children's names AND in order!


A sign that our family is complete and there is no more room for another child's name in there, and that child would inevitably feel left out....maybe so.


Lacey said...

No, not a sign. AND doesn't count. So your next childs name needs to start with an "A". :) You know you can't stop at three!