Friday, August 24, 2012

I didn't die...but I almost did.

Hellooooo Blog World! So, as my title suggests, I didn't die. I'm certain some of you (if there is anyone left who even reads this spider-web covered, dusty old blog of mine) thought I did. I can't even wrap my brain around the fact that I haven't written here in over half a year. I really have missed it. There is absolutely no possibility of me doing a re-cap post that catches everyone up on all of The Miller Experience happenings. Sorry Charlies. But hopefully I can do a little here & there of the most important things. I just wanted to pop in quickly & say Hi and I've missed you, so no big stories here today. However, I plan on catching you all up on the biggest reason I abandoned you....the birth of our 4th child. To say I have had my hands full, or that this has been the longest, hardest summer of my life, or that having our 4th has completely changed everything I thought I knew about parenting (and childbirth for that matter) is an understatement. So, stay tuned and I'm going to fill you in on how I came the closest to death I've ever been and how Mr. Ford Thomas made his very "grand" entrance into this world.

Talk soon!