Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me Monday - Athens Style

A little background: My business partner Shannon & I traveled to Athens, Texas this past weekend to photograph a few familes there. These are all experiences we had in the charming town of Athens.

We did not walk into the local DQ one of the only places we could find to grab a quick bite, go figure and there is no way we heard the owner of the joint say to us in his very thick Texan accent, "We'll be with y'all in justa minute. The cooks are out takin' a smoke break." Nope...we definitely heard that wrong. That would NOT happen!

And as we were waiting for the cooks to get back from their "smoke break" to order our food, the owner did not proceed to tell us his entire life story and then break out wallet pictures of his "Granbabies" to show us. I think we may have been the first customers to walk into that place in about 3 years. 

As we ate dinner later that evening at the local Applebee's one of the only other restaurants in town. We did NOT want to go back to the DQ again! we did not hear a Mom telling her son very loudly to go sit back down and as we looked over to see the Mom standing at the bar looking down at her approx. 3 year old son we most certainly did not hear this: "I sayyeed go sit daiyoon! Momma's gitten her another beer!" 

We did not proceed to get lost EVERY time we went anywhere because the streets have no names and every piece of direction we received included the "square." "Just look for the square." "Turn just past the square." I'm sorry but what in the WORLD is a "square!?!" 

We did not have three of the best photo shoots and cannot wait to post sneak peeks for those soon! 

We are not the least bit thrilled to be back home and out of The Twilight Zone Athens.

All this is in complete fun of course. If you read this and you live in Athens, do not take offense. I'm sure Athens has plenty of great and wonderful things to offer. We were just not there long enough to see any.    ;)


Emily said...

Love your not me's today!!!
Plus also love your halloween pictures!!! U guys are such an adorable family!!!

les_mason_curt said...

I am new to Not Me Mondays, just started reading this week. Maybe next week I will make a post. Yours is the 1st one I clicked on and you made me laugh. I think we have all been to somewhere like this so it is easy to relate and get a good laugh... In the south "we" think that "the square" is the center of a town! Silly, I know...

Julie Davids said...

That's too funny! It made me think of the movie "Sweet Home Alabama" line: "You have a a bar.." LOL!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Came across your Not-Me's and had to leave a comment. Athens, Texas...hilarious! It is a different world down there in the lone star state, that's fo' shor. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

PS: What beautiful girls you have!

Lacey said...

that is hilarious...Gotta love small towns. Frank has to stop everytime we are in DQ Country. Sounds like it was a fun weekend though. can't wait to see pics.

-stephanie- said...

Your ordeal with the "square" made me laugh. When we lived in the south, my husband asked where something was and they said "up the road a good piece." Well, for heavens sake, how far is "a good piece"? It turned out being about 20 miles.

Rebecca Goodwin said...

No, it really is a total armpit of a town. I'm amazed the DQ employees went outside to smoke.

Meredith said...

OMG, those must have been my family members. I'm not kidding! My aunts and cousins live in Kemp, TX (Keeeyemp) and go to Athens for their big shopping excursions! And the description of the accents sounds like my mother... Recently, she was visiting us in San Jose and told my told to "seeyit" and I had to translate to my husband that she was trying to get the dog to SIT!

I can't believe I'm moving back to Texas after telling this story... God help me, please?!