Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday

I wasn't planning on not participating in Not Me Monday today, just because I hadn't had a lot of time to write things down this week for it and then upon going to MckMama's blog and seeing the list of names begin the blog carnival have this complete feeling of "I gotta do a Not Me Monday! How could I NOT do a Not Me Monday!" 

I did not take my girls to the Ice Cream store for dinner one night and we all did not indulge in ice cream with "mixin's" stuffed in the most ridiculous chocolate coated, sprinkled waffle cones.

And I did not say, "Excuse me, huh?" when the lady behind the ice cream counter informed me that my total was $16.20. I thought ice cream would be a thrifty way to "eat out." What is this world coming to?

I did not put my 5 year old's hair up in a ponytail again today for school to hide the fact that it looks like it may not have been washed in a few days. 

I did not have no idea how to respond when my converation with my 5 year old about the 10 Commandments took an ugly turn like this: 
Me: "...and the 6th Commandment says, 'Do Not Kill'"
MacKenzie: "Like, do not kill animals?"
Me: "Right, do not kill anything."
MacKenzie: "But Daddy killed a deer...", the 7th Commandment says.....

I did not check off that I would prefer for the school picture people to take my 3 year old's picture on two different backgrounds, just to see what they could come up with for her, when I really have no intention of purchasing a school picture. Evil, I know and I'm a photographer. You would think I would be more empathetic. 

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Emily said...

I love the deer one!
Soo great!

CityMom, CountryMom said...

Yes, it is a sad world when you have to pay that much for ice the commandments story, this happens in our house too, along with "mom, where do babies come from?" :o

Michelle said...

I did not almost freak when the ice cream I bought for just me was almost $5.00!

Great list!

Mc Allen said...

ohhh your good!!! Yours cracked me up and I just loved your honesty!! LA