Monday, April 13, 2009

My Morning

This is where I spent my morning... register!     : )       Did I getcha?

I went this morning to pre-register in Labor & Delivery so that now, according to the nice registration girl, I can just "come on in and have a baby." hmm...ok, yeah....that sounds good. I'll just waltz on in and have a baby. Spoken like a true person who's never had a baby! 

Just another sign of the imminent arrival of this baby boy. It was actually making me a little nauseous sitting in the hallway of the Birth Center thinking of how I would be there in just 8 or 9 more weeks doing the whole birthing thing all over again. But seeing all of the family members in the waiting areas and their excitement over the arrival of their newest family members was really fun and kind of made me wish I got to take part in that aspect. They have a party going on while the Mom is laid up in bed! Well at least I am the first person who gets to meet & hold the new bundle...that's definitely one of the perks. 

So Family Birthing Center....see you soon!


Lacey said...

You are 31 weeks already? Gosh it goes by fast. I guess July is just around the corner. Crazy..

Can't wait to meet the newest member of the family!

Lindsay said...

I'm actually 29 weeks, but there is no way I am making it to 39 or 40 weeks this pregnancy! He is measuring bigger at every ultrasound and I am having so many contractions already. Not to mention Reagan was born at 37 weeks. I just feel like he will come between 37 & 38 weeks if not earlier. We'll see...I guess he could surprise us. : )