Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1st Grade

Oh MacKenzie,
You have GOT to stop growing so fast. This morning you left on a bus (your very first time to ride on one) that took you to a brand new school for your first day of 1st grade. And you didn't even seem afraid. You were happy & excited, looking forward to your day. It feels a little differently watching you ride off on the bus for your first time than it did the day I dropped you off for your first day of Kindergarten. This time, I know you're going to do great and be just fine without me. So it's bitter sweet. You are growing up. It's sad and it's wonderful. Have an amazing day. I can't wait to hear all about it this afternoon.

Cocoa Krispies for Breakfast (one of your fav's)

Getting your new tennis shoes ready

Your New Backpack

Ready to Go

Waiting for the Bus to Arrive

And, You're Off!


Shannon said...

Oh my gosh--so sweet. Brings tears to my eyes. It really does seem like only yesterday she was spending the night with Petri and me and 8 weeks old. : ( What a sweetheart.

2 things:
1) you were right about that adorable backpack!
2) I can see "my house" in the background!! : ) If we lived there then I would have been out there waiting with you at 6:55am--NOT! : )

Lacey said...

Awww....Can't believe it. Wasn't I just reading that Kindergarten post??

Gavin did great his first day. Thanks for your sweet email. He is begging me to ride the bus- not sure if i'm quite ready for that yet. ;0)

Hope Mac has a great First day of First grade!!! WOW!!