Thursday, September 10, 2009

Could it be true??

Oh my! Have you heard the news?? That empty seat on the American Idol Judge's Table left when Paula Abdul turned down millions of dollars to return to the show because that just wasn't enough money ahem will be filled with none other than Ellen! I could not be more excited. Yes, it really does only take that to make me happy! I love Ellen. I record her talk show every day, even the reruns. I can literally just look at her and laugh out loud. She doesn't even have to say anything. Watching her dance up & down the aisles of her audience is the best! I can only imagine the things she will say to the contestants of AI and I can't wait. Too bad she won't be joining them until after the initial auditions. Boy, she would have been hysterical during those first rounds of crazies they have coming through there! I am a bit of a reality TV junky and I will admit even though this may make you think differently of me that I have been really bummed to see the end of Big Brother coming near. It's been my addiction all summer, on 3 nights a week, and now it's almost over. But this news almost wipes away that sadness because now I can look forward to seeing Ellen on AI in the near future! Now if they would just get rid of that Kara character...


Lacey said...

I know, I could hardly believe it when that was posted on yahoo last night. CRAZY!! But I am excited. Although, I do not watch Ellen I think she is pretty funny. We too love AI and are also addicts of Big Brother. So much so that we look on the jokers site to see what happens before the show even airs. I am sad Jeff is gone and am pulling for Jordan or Kevin...Natalie annoys me.

Okay, did I really just post all that about BB?? LOL.

You are not alone my dear- we are reality fans over here as well. Looking forward to AI as that is one show the kids watch with us.

See you tomorrow!