Friday, April 23, 2010

10 Months

Today my baby boy turns 10 months old. And guess what...I never did post his 9 month picture! Dern it! I was doing so well with taking his picture on his EXACT birthday and getting them up on my blog on his EXACT birthday. Oh well. I did actually take his 9 month picture just a hair after he turned 9 months, just never posted it. I figure if I post the 9 month picture today along with his 10 month, I'm at least still posting on the 23rd, so it kind of makes up for it, right? Ok, whatever. I know I'm being completely ridiculous about it and you're thinking, "We don't really care. Just stop rambling and get to the picture." So without further ado, I present Ty's 9 Month AND 10 Month White Chair Pictures:

What he's up to:

  • The big one: He's basically walking. He only takes a few steps at a time before he falls, but he can definitely do it. He looks like the people in the Thriller video with his hands straight out in front of him and wobbling all over.
  • Another big one: He has TWO teeth! The two bottom teeth are out and ready for some food!
  • He eats anything and everything we will give him. He still loves him some Cheerios. He is also getting Goldfish, Cheese Crackers, Fresh Fruit, and he had his first try of Avocado and loved it.
  • He still hasn't quite mastered the sippy cup, but he's getting close.
  • He says "Mama" Yay! It is the sweetest thing in the world when I go to get him out of bed and he says, "Mama." Oh I melt!
  • He also says, "Baba" for his bottle.
  • He's still wearing his helmet and probably will be for another few months. Good thing it doesn't bother him a bit.

Until next time...which will be the very last white chair picture before he is a year old....sniff, sniff.


Lacey said...

I swear you posted the 9 month one late with the explanation that it was a day late. Maybe it was on facebook. REgardless, he is one cute little man!

Nick, Krista, and Carson said...

Hi. A friend of mine told me to read your blog b/c we also go to your church and our little boy Carson is almost the same age as your son.. and we are getting a helmet at the beginning of May sometime. I would love to talk about your experiences...etc :)