Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One Year

Well Folks, this is it. The day is here. I know you've all been anxiously awaiting my post. In fact, I feel quite certain you've all been on my blog, refreshing your browser every 5 minutes thinking any moment I could post. Alright,'s actually almost midnight and I bet no one will even read this post tonight, but whatever. Ty is the big One Year today! I could bore you all by going on and on about how I just can't believe he's already a year old and how I feel like I just brought him home from the hospital, yada, yada, yada. But I won't. Ok, so maybe I just did but you know it had to be said. The truth is that yes, time sure does fly and of course I feel like it's just not right that he is one now, BUT I also can't remember what my life was like before he was in it. I truly, truly can't. He has brought such unbelievable joy to our family and we all have enjoyed getting to know him over the past year. He still remains to be the easiest baby on record. Always happy. Always flexible. Never cranky. That's just Ty. Just happy to be wherever he is, with whoever he's with. Love it. So without further ado, I present his One Year White Chair Picture And yes, I am completely aware I never posted an 11 month picture. Life was busy. What can I say. I think he fills out the chair quite nicely these days. If only he would keep his little behind in it for more than a millisecond! This picture of him from today is actually a miracle of God. Either that or my camera can snap a photo in less than a millisecond in order to capture him sitting in the chair, not climbing out of it.
Here's what he's up to:

  • He now runs. Not walks. Runs.
  • He shows no signs of a healthy level of fear of anything. Scary.
  • He has a whopping 5.75 teeth. The .75 is for the one that is soooo close to coming out of the gums that it may have actually popped through since I put him to bed a few hours ago, so we're counting it.
  • Some words he says now are: Dada, Mama, Bye Bye, Ba Ba (Bottle), oh and Hot dog. Seriously. Hot dog. It's his favorite food.
  • He can stand up from a sitting position in the middle of the room without any assistance. Even though his "sissies" like to give him lots of unnecessary assistance. Ahem.
  • He waves.
  • He dances. Oh yeah. Dances while standing up and dances while in the car seat. Awesome!
  • He is liking drinking milk from a sippy cup most of the time.
  • He eats anything and everything you put in front of him. And he usually shovels the food in like he's a prisoner and his food's about to get taken by a large man named Tiny that he shares a cell with.

To finish off today's special Birthday post, here's a picture of the Ty Man in his Birthday Shirt. He's saying, "Hey, did you hear!? I'm one today!"


Jamie said...

He is so CUTE!!!! It's unreal that he is one!

He loves his hot dogs just like his big sis Reagan! :)

Great pics Lindsay!
Thanks for letting me in yalls lives!

Anonymous said...

what a stud!!! seriously!! Now you need to post all of the white chair pictures on one post so we can see his growth. :) Such a neat idea. I just might steal it! Only I don't have a white chair...but I have a brown chair! :)

Our Life Together said...

He is sooo handsome! I love the ONE shirt too. Happy Birthday !

Lacey said...

Happy Birthday Little Man!! I have loved watching him grow up his first year of life. He is such a sweet, easy going little baby!! Hope he had a fabulous birthday!!

Emily said...

Happy birthday to Ty! He is TOO CUTE!!!!

yodafatkitty said...

Ah, absolute adorableness! Congrats on Mr Ty's birthday!