Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fiesta Baby!


Tiffany Winship said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Oh how fun!! Lord help us all.....there's definitely a little Marty Miller in there waiting to come out and share his "PERSONALITY" if you will! :) I'm so excited to meet Ford! By the way, I noticed your feet are still pretty!!!! (contrary to one of your previous posts.....) LOL! Oh, the joys of motherhood! xoxo!

Tim said...

Ok.... thats the craziest video I have ever seen!

I read the last post but had to comment on this one. :) Never seen anything like that. And the eviction thing was HI LA RI OUS!!

Hope all has been going well with you Marty and the kids. Congrats on new baby boy soon to come!

Love and Prayers,