Thursday, March 27, 2008

2 down...18 more to go

MacKenzie lost her second tooth this morning. It didn't actually fall out. She had me pull it. She came up to me right after she woke up and said, "Mom, look." Her bottom tooth was hanging out over her lip! It was so funny. So we pulled it out, since it was only hanging by a thread. She doesn't get freaked out by it at all, which is so surprising to me considering everything else in her life is VERY dramatic. 

It is really a small thing for these teeth to be falling out, and I know it's just a normal part of growing up...but that's exactly it..."growing up." It's killing me! I am not ready for her to be losing teeth, and going to Kindergarten, and wearing makeup, and going to Homecoming, and driving, and leaving! Ok, ok so I took it a little far. But seriously, my baby girl, MacKenzie, slow down! In all seriousness Mackenzie is turning into such a delightful little girl. She is always observing every detail around her and usually has some pretty amazing insight into all that is going on. She is so much fun. When she is not around the silence is very apparent. She cares deeply about others, and is always sporting a huge smile. So, now it will be a toothless smile! 


Lacey Morgan said...

NOOOOO...she is not old enough to be loosing teeth!! This means Gavin will be loosing them soon?? No...NO, NOOO!! They are not allowed to grow up so fast. Where has the time gone?

Lindsay Miller said...

I know...there's just something wrong with this whole thing! :)

She is losing them a bit earlier than average, but since she got her teeth as a baby a little early, she can lose them early. It really is crazy watching them go from babies to little people.

Rebecca Goodwin said...

I so understand you - Cooper has lost two teeth and comes up to my elbows and is going to be six this summer! How did that happen?
I'm enjoying your blog, Lindsay - your girls are so beautiful!

Lindsay Miller said...


Good to hear from you. I cannot believe Cooper will be 6! It is killing me that MacKenzie will be starting Kindergarten this fall. Hope everything is well for you guys.