Sunday, March 30, 2008

Real Change

I went to see Caedmon's Call in concert this evening, and they were really amazing. If you do not know who they are or know their music, you should definitely check them out here. You will not regret it. I'm telling you about this concert, not to promote them to you, but to tell you about something one of the band members said tonight that really struck me. He was talking about election season being upon us, and how it is a great thing to really get as much information as we can and to try and make an informed decision about who the next President should be. But then he said this: (I'm paraphrasing) 

Our world is not going to completely change just because we have the "right" person in the White House. Think about it. How much is our community going to be directly impacted and really, truly changed by who is elected into The White House? But what can bring about change is if everyone that is here tonight will go home, stand at their front door and look out at the 5-6 houses within the perimeter of their front door, and make it their mission to find out about the people living in those find out who they really are and get to know what their needs are. Then try and find a way to help them in the areas in which they are "needy." That will bring about change 100 times more impactful to our society than the person who is elected in November.

I have to say, I think he's right. When was the last time a person elected into office directly changed your daily life and the community around you? I am by no means saying that it doesn't matter who gets elected or that we shouldn't go out and vote for who we think will be the best leader of our country. What I am saying is that I think for me and for many of those around me, getting to know my neighbors and really trying to make a difference in the lives of those around me, will actually make a bigger direct change in my community than who will be taking over The White House. I write this tonight, because I think he really has a valid point. How much do we really know the people in our community? Do we know what our neighbors are going through and if there were something we could do to help them? If we want to see real change in our country, we have got to get out of our houses, out of our "comfort zones" and get involved. We have the opportunity to impact lives around us every day by how we live our lives and by choosing to make a difference in people's lives. What are we going to do with that opportunity?


The Thompson's said...

Great post Lindsay. That is right on the button. If everyone did this all the time the world would be a wonderful place for our kids. They are the most important people we have to model for.

darbyDarnit said...

I've been watching HBO's mini-series "John Adams," and I found myself particularly moved during a scene when Adams, played by Paul Giamatti, stood up during the First Continental Congress and made his case for independence from England, saying: "I see hope. I see a new nation ready to take its place in the world. Not an empire, but a republic. And a republic of laws, not men. Gentlemen, we are in the very midst of revolution, the most complete, unexpected and remarkable of any in the history of the world. How few of the human race have ever had an opportunity of choosing a system of government for themselves?

It's a great reminder that even the founding fathers envisioned a country that would be defined best by its citizens, not its leaders. A country that cares for its weakest, most fragile, more so than its strongest and most powerful.

Presidents influence policy decisions, but most of all, they set the tone for the country and inspire its people to be better, more unified, than they are. I agree with your assessment wholeheartedly and I wish more felt the same way. And my choice for president was determined based on which candidate embodies those same sentiments. Nice job. How can I make a difference in your life?