Friday, July 18, 2008

The Big 3!

Today was Reagan's 3rd Birthday. Whew....what a day we had. I am just now getting around to writing about it at 10:00 at night, because we had such a packed day! She woke up to a breakfast of Birthday Cake...what more could a girl ask for, right? Then she opened a few presents. We got dressed and headed out the door to her "Big Surprise" for the day. We went to the Circus! The girls had no idea where we were going until we walked into the stadium. We took them early to meet some of the performers and animals. Then they sat in awe watching the show. After the show, we came home and Marty set up their second surprise...the water slide! They jumped into their suits and ran down the street inviting all the neigborhood kids over to slide. They went up and down the slide all afternoon and into the evening. We finished off the day with Reagan's favorite, pizza, for dinner. We all had a great time spending Reagan's 3rd Birthday together. I can't believe my baby is 3 years old. She is such a delight (when she wants to be, of course). She literally keeps me in stitches every day. She has such a hilarious way of saying and doing things. She is so expressive with her eyes and eyebrows. She can make some pretty crazy faces. She has the greatest ringlet curls. Some of them, when you pull down on them and let go, they actually bounce back up! She is my "cuddle bug." She is always up for crawling up in my lap and curling into the smallest ball she can. If I could freeze time right now, I would. I don't want her to get ANY bigger! 

Happy Birthday "Wilo", we love you!

She had three pieces of cake for breakfast!

Dressed and Ready for the Circus

Meeting some animals & performers before the show

Special, Sparkly Circus Shoes (Courtesy of Maggie...thanks Maggie!)

The Slide


The Thompson's said...

What a FUN day!!!

Happy Birthday Reagan!!

Coach Tim

Lacey said...

What a great birthday!! She is just beautiful. She is starting to look more like a big girl now. I can't believe our girls are three??? Looking forward to her birthday paty.

laura swank said...

Happy birthday Reagan!! What a big girl! I can't believe she is already three! She is just gorgeous!! What a big girl and what a perfect birthday! Lets get together soon!!!