Monday, August 11, 2008

Dinner and a Movie

Daddy's out of town this evening so I told the girls we could do dinner and a movie. I set up a bunch of blankets & pillows on the floor, made them fish sticks and mac & cheese, and they got to eat their dinner on trays while watching a new movie. I went to Target the other day and saw the movie "Hook" on sale for $7.50! (Gotta Love Target!) I love this movie and I figured it would be a good one for Reagan considering her obsession with pirates. 

Quick Background: Last year just before Halloween my Mom stayed with the girls while Marty & I were out of town. She got online with the two of them and scrolled through tons of costumes for them to pick one out. MacKenzie, of course, chose a frilly, pink fairy costume and Reagan's choice was a pirate. Ever since that moment an obsession with pirates was born. Anything and everything that has to do with Pirates she LOVES! It has become a running joke in our family that she is actually a pirate.

So it was quite funny when I saw this tonight: As soon as Captain Hook came on the screen during the movie, Reagan disappeared into another room. I didn't know where she had gone and she didn't say. All of a sudden she reappears with a bandana covered in skulls & crossbones, an eye patch, and a hook for her hand. She wanted to put it all on while she watched! 
She is my little pirate.


The Thompson's said...

Ayy ayy Reagan. Looks like a REALLY great time!

Lacey said...

A princess and a pirate- you already have one of each! Too cute. She's precious.