Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little Picassos

Yesterday I went to Old Navy to do some school shopping for the girls and I noticed a new store. It's called Lakeshore Learning. It peaked my interest, so I thought I would just peek in and see what kind of things they had. Well, little did I know, that I would be walking into a FANTASY LAND for someone who LOVES school & teacher supplies! I knew I was in immediate danger of spending way too much $$$! I have always had a thing for school supplies. Maybe I missed my calling to be a teacher.....well then again.....maybe not. Nevertheless I love school supplies, teacher supplies, classroom decorations, etc. This store is filled with all kinds of these things. It had me so "intoxicated" that I actually thought to myself, "Hmm...maybe I could homeschool MacKenzie and she could start Kindergarten in a few weeks with me! I could set up a classroom with maps on the wall, a little desk for her, and chalkboard & dry erase easels everywhere. I could get one of those big felt boards and tell stories using the felt people and animals. I could get a big laminated clock to hang on the wall and move the second and minute hands around to teach her how to tell time. We could do arts & crafts!" Then all of a sudden I snapped out of my fantasy and the reality of that entire scenario came rushing in. "What in the WORLD am I thinking!? I could NEVER have the patience to teach my children all they need to learn and who knows how they would turn out if they had ME as their teacher!....whew....that was close!" THAT is what this store did to me. Thank goodness for teachers. Anyway, I did manage to get a few things that I just loved and MacKenzie & I have already been working on reading with the new tools I found there. I also had to get some supplies for the art easel we have at home. They have had the easel for a while now, but I just had never gotten the supplies they needed to truly paint on it, until now. Here are some pictures of my budding artists. 


Lacey said...

You need to go back and get them art smocks so they don't ruin those pretty outfits. :0) We only have the primary colors and green container...I love the other containers...think I need to make a stop by there. I am excited they are here too. And I had to laugh at your homeschooling thoughts. Your so cute. You made me laugh.