Thursday, July 17, 2008

Funny Conversations of a 3 & 5 Year Old

Reagan's Conversation with Daddy the other night at 9:30pm

She comes out of her room after she is supposed to be asleep already
Reagan: Daddy, I can't sleep.
Daddy: What's wrong Reagan?
R: I need you to take my pony (their word for pony tail) out.
D: Why, what's wrong with it?
R: It's making my brain hurt!

MacKenzie's Conversation with Me this afternoon

She is cleaning up the mess she made with paper dolls in the playroom, because I asked her to pick everything up. They are ALL over the floor.
MacKenzie: Mom, my head doesn't feel so good.
Me: Really, what's it feel like?
Mac: It feels like it wants to just lay down and watch TV.
Me: Yes, you are welcome to lay down and watch TV, AFTER you clean up your mess.
Mac: I really don't think I am going to make it. It really feels like it might explode if I don't lay down and watch TV right now!

Aaahhh.....the drama that surrounds us on a daily basis living with two little girls.