Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reagan Talk

The first "Reagan Talk" I have to share she just said this morning about the baby.
Me: Reagan, are you excited to have a baby brother?
Reagan: Well, I sort of like baby brothers. I just don't like the stink of them.

A concerning conversation with Reagan:
The scene: Reagan is in the playroom just one room over from where I am. She hears me emerge from my room and sit down in the living room. 

Reagan: Mom??? (spoken in a tone as if to say, "oh no, she came out of her room and I'm caught!)
Me: Yes, Reagan?
R: Umm....I love you.
M: I love you too Reagan. What are you doing?
R: up.
Ok, scary.

Another interesting conversation with Reagan:
The scene: I'm in my bathroom getting ready for the day. MacKenzie is in the girls' bedroom cleaning up a mess of dollhouse stuff. Reagan comes into the bathroom.

Me: Reagan, you really should go help your sister clean up the mess in your room.
Reagan: But I didn't make that mess Mommy. 
M: Yes, I know you didn't make that mess Reagan, but there are lots of times MacKenzie cleans up your messes for you.
R: Well that's MacKenzie's problem.
I'm sorry, what was that?! Oh my goodess. 


Robin Mabry said...

Love it! The things kids say are priceless. I am so excited for you to be having a boy. After having two boys and a girl it is awesome. We still have not decided on when to have the pics done. Will call you when it warms up. Hope you are feeling well.

The Burkett Family said...

Lindsay!! I am so out of the "neighborhood loop" it's scary . . . I didn't even realize you were pregnant, much less expecting a tiny baby BOY! I'm praying for you, for your sweet family and the miracle who's certain to bless your pink routine with little trucks, trains and monkey-business! Congratulations . . . Oh, and sweet Sarah gave me your blog address. I'm certain to check it daily, it's darling! I have a few sweet boy things left over, if you're at all interested, let me know. XOXO! Amanda

Greg and Joy Ryan said...

that is so funny!!!

The Thompson's said...

There is nothing better than kid speak. Cant wait to hear more from Reagan!