Saturday, January 10, 2009


I love Target. I mean, who doesn't, really? I think they pump some sort of undetectable gas into their stores that makes everyone in there high. It makes everything in the store look irresistible and it appears that everything you set your sights on must be taken from the store that instant and taken home with you. You think I'm kidding? I'm dead serious. I also refer to it as the $100 store. No that's not Dollar store. That's the One Hundred Dollar store. It is like an act against nature to try and walk out of there without spending $100. Sure you could just be running in, quickly, for a roll of tape & some lip gloss, but somehow, mysteriously, that total up on the screen ends up being at least $100! All those things considered, I just love that place. I went in yesterday to grab some things and a few things caught my attention.

First, this was the first thing that I saw as I walked into the store yesterday:
WHAT!? It's January! New Year's Eve was just the other night. Why in the world am I having to suffer through seeing THIS when I walk into Target right now? You see, it's not enjoyable to see these tiny pieces of fashion when you know there's no way your butt is fitting into any of them. And the Holidays are barely behind us. And they're literally hanging onto behind us if you know what I mean. We're not ready for this. Give us a break. Give us just a little bit of time to decide we're going to do something about those Holidays on our behinds before torturing us with these things!

Second, you have NO IDEA how badly I wanted to spend $179 I did not have, and walk out of the store with this:
I guess it's a good idea I had the restraint not to buy it, because when my hubby got home we had a nice discussion about not spending so much frivolous money and saving more. Whew! Can you hear that conversation? "Ok honey, yes all of that sounds really great and I plan on starting that plan....tomorrow. But look what I got today!"

Third, I needed a card to go with a baby shower gift so I was looking at the cards and found this adorable card for a baby boy.
Then I saw this:
Are you kidding me!? Can you see that!? The price on the card: $4.99! Who in the world made the decision that it was ok to charge that much for a card!? I want the card I buy to be a nice way for the person receiving the gift to know it is from me. It's not part of the gift for goodness sake!

And lastly, why is it that I feel so uncomfortable browsing this aisle?
I don't know what it is. It just makes my skin crawl. I wait until there's no one on the aisle before I will peruse through the different types of toilet paper. Believe me, the only thing I am looking for is the cheapest one. Honestly. But I feel like if people are watching me, they're thinking, "Hmm...wonder how soft she wants the TP that wipes her butt." It's just wrong.


Lacey said...

You crack me up!! It is definitely a 100+ store. And why do I need nothing but feel like I have to go shop at Target...just to shop and see what they have?? Seriously?? It's an addictive place. And on a serious note, which target where you at because I noticed the guitar hero wasn't only in playstation they had it in wii and we have been looking for it and can't seem to find it. Sooooo....where do I need to go spend frivolous money on something I do not need but want?? LOL. And yes, I did notice the bathing suits- but you're pg so you have a reason to have cush...although you do not have it. And 4.99 for a card- that is why I make my cards!! :) Ahhh....the joys of target shopping. Cute post!

Lindsay said...

I was at the target in the front by the mall. That version of guitar hero was the full band. Not sure if you're looking to add drums and singing to your band! :)
I will just have to come play it at your house!

Amy said...

I LOVE Target too. I will have to admit that I go in there at least 4 times a week. They built one too close to our house!! I adore all the stuff in there and a plus is a Starbucks inside and popcorn and an icee to keep the kids quite for $1.84...priceless!!

The Thompson's said...

That is too funny. I love all your humor injected posts.

Hope all is well with your pregnancy, as always your in our prayers.

Kelli said...

Target is my weakness and I ALWAYS wonder why it is that I can't spend less than $50 when I go there.

Pascha said...

Your absolutly right. I went 2 days ago and spent$91, and the buggy wasn't all that full

stephanie said...

you are so right! it was crazy. went in today to make a RETURN. walked out later $151.32 poorer. almost everything we bought was on sale! good grief!

funny post!

Jerry said...

Love the TP commentary....when you get my age it will be easier for you......but I have to admit that every now and then I struggle too! Just being honest here.