Monday, June 22, 2009


Tomorrow morning by this time, I should be in a hospital bed and hooked up to an iv drip of that lovely stuff they call Pitocin. I wasn't induced with either of the girls, so I never had to have that nasty stuff. I hear it's no fun. I'm hoping I can convince the anesthesiologist to meet me at the door of the hospital and just give me my epidural as we're going in. We'll see how that goes. We have to wake up at 5 am and call the hospital to see if they can "fit me in." Since I am considered an elective induction (Meaning, there's no medical reason for me to be induced. Yeah Right! I think the people around me who have to hear all the time how miserable I am being pregnant would consider this induction VERY medically necessary....for THEIR sanity.) there is no guarantee that I will get in tomorrow. So we must all keep our fingers crossed, or better yet PRAY, they will have room for me. I'm not sure I can be held responsible for my actions if I am told they can't get me in. Trust me, you wouldn't want to be the nurse on the other end of THAT phone call. So for the sake of everyone involved, will you please pray that I can get right in and all will be right with the world, ok? I will keep you posted. Until tomorrow...


Tim said...


We are so praying that everything works out for you tomorrow. Also praying that things go well and you are as comfortable as can be. Keep us posted!

All Our Love,

Tim, Carey, Taylor, and Will

Rebecca Goodwin said...

I'll pray that you go into labor on your own before tomorrow morning! And that the needle man fits you in right away!
Best of luck - I'll be thinking of you. Little boys are wonderful - mine still has my heart in his hands.

Unmistakably BLESSED said...

Lovely Girl! Will be praying, for relief, for SANITY, for a deliciously-oversized-picture-window room (okay, I realize a kleenex-box sized room would be fine, too, but while I'm asking . . . ) Will be stalking your blog in the mean time, waiting to meet young Master Miller.

Girl, we miss you guys, too. It's so hard to have left Fairlight behind . . . What a fabulous little street, what even more fabulous neighbors. The sweet house my babes first called home.

Praying . . . Praying.