Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Month

I love my white chair in front of a window for taking photographs. I told myself when Ty was born that I would try my hardest to remember to take his picture in the white chair every month of his first year to see how he grows and fills out the chair. Well guess what...he's already 1 month old exactly today! AND I actually remembered to take his picture in the chair. It's quite a miracle that I remember anything...truly. So here he is in the white chair, exactly one month old.

What he's up to at the ripe old age of 1 month:

  • A lot of sleeping
  • Quite a bit of nursing (he does get the occasional bottle to give Mom a break)
  • Almost as much pooping & peeing
  • Lots of looking around and taking everything in
  • He loves to stare at the ceiling fan
  • He has a rare bout of fussiness, but mostly he's a very content baby
  • He is just starting to look at me when I talk to him and give a little grin


Kelli said...

Babies love ceiling fans...both of mine did. He is adorable and I love the white chair.

Anonymous said...

Simply adorable....I can't wait to meet him in the next couple of weeks!!!