Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why didn't I think of that?

I totally would have done something like this at my wedding if I had been clever enough to come up with it. The only husband kind of has two left feet. Although he would have thoroughly enjoyed girating up & down the aisle of the church. 

This is seriously way too much fun! If only all the bridesmaids & groomsmen could actually dance. I'm not sure swinging a bouquet of flowers in a circular motion over & over, flapping your arms like a chicken, or moving your arms up and down as if you are punching someone under their chin can quite pass as dancing. Oh and if only someone would have told the bride she might want to consider a little more "support" ahem in her dress if she was going to be shaking her groove thang down the aisle. Oh well, it's still definitely worth a watch. 


Rebecca said...

This is really sweet and funny - I enjoyed it. You're right about the (ahem) support though.
Also - your wedding was beautiful in every way. The music, the service, the reception, the food, the band... everything was perfect, only spoiled by my inability to enjoy the bar (pregnant w/ Cooper). You even had wedding crahsers, so you know it was a great one!