Monday, November 23, 2009

5 Months

Whew! I barely made it this time. Just a mere 25 minutes before it's not my baby boy's 5 month birthday, and I'm getting it posted in the nick of time. And truth be told, I barely made his picture in time today. It was about 5:00 only 30 or so minutes before dark, this time of year and I remembered I hadn't taken his picture yet. I was sitting outside with some neighbors, watching the kids play and feeding Ty his afternoon bottle. All of a sudden, I took the bottle out of his mouth poor guy and announced, "I'll be back in a few minutes. I have to go take a picture of Ty!" I couldn't waste one more minute or my light would have been gone and I would have ruined my perfect streak of taking his "White Chair" picture on his exact monthly birthday. So, we are.

Here's what he's up to:
  • He does A TON of what he's doing in his picture, actually.
  • He had his first taste of something other than breast milk or formula and he LIKED it. We started with Rice Cereal and he literally knew how to eat from the spoon, the second I put it in his mouth. Now he's on to Oatmeal and he loves it even more. He will take my hand, when I'm holding the spoon, and try to shove the spoon in his mouth faster than I can get it there. Boy, oh boy is he going to love the "real" baby food! Stay tuned for that!
  • He is still our "go with the flow" baby. When it's nap time, whether he's at home in his bed or in a stroller out & about, he takes his nap. Love it!
  • He is just learning how to blow raspberries. I have yet to capture it on film, but I will soon!
  • He has become a lot more vocal lately too. He loves to talk to his "sissies."
  • He can sit up on his own for a few seconds. tripod method, of course
  • And one of my absolute favorite things he's doing lately is laughing! He laughs at me making faces or funny noises, and is the most ticklish little thing.
Next time we meet for this little rendezvous my baby will be half of an entire year old! Say it isn't so!


Lacey said...

So cute!! He is getting big and too fast. Love that big smile!!