Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This is called...

...the "Hide My Greasy Hair" look. You like?
I probably shouldn't have just shared that dirty little secret with you, because now every time you see me in a hat, you're going to assume I must have greasy hair I'm hiding. Most of the time I'm not actually hiding anything, except the fact that I never want to spend the time to do anything with my hair. So I have a newfound love in these hats. Because I can do nothing with my hair, and by "do nothing" I mean take a shower before bed, put it back in a pony tail holder, and go to sleep, and still feel like I'm being somewhat stylish. Somewhat. As stylish as one can be while wearing jeans and cotton shirts every day of their life.


Ashley McWhorter said...

This is my daily attire! Love me some, jeans, t-shirts, and hats!! I think the Lord, specifically created all of these things, for mommies of 3! Amen and amen!! :)