Friday, January 22, 2010

Hope Out of Tragedy

We just returned home from the Give Hope to Haiti benefit concert here in The Woodlands and Aaron Ivey was one of the talented artists set to play. I was very much looking forward to hearing him. Little did I know when we arrived, he was no longer there. Not because he had already played. In fact, he never played. He was in The Woodlands, ready for his music set, when he received word that Amos (the boy they have been trying to bring home from Haiti for a very long time to join their family) was on a plane to Orlando. As in Florida. As in the United States! They immediately left the The Woodlands, headed straight to the airport, got tickets and boarded a plane. You must watch the video below. It's the song Aaron wrote to Amos and his promise to him to bring him home. To know that as I am typing this post and publishing it to my blog, this man and his wife are on a plane to get their boy, Amos, is almost too much for me to bear. To know that our God can bring something so incredible and so wonderful out of such horrific tragedy gives me hope.

If you would like to follow this journey or find out how you can help the children of Haiti, go here.


Tanni said...

Beautiful.....just beautiful. Tears rolled down my face as I listened to the song. I would love to share your blog post on my facebook it touched me so much, but wanted to check with you first. Let me know. What a story! God is good! :)

Tiffany said...

Praise God, He is good!