Tuesday, February 23, 2010

8 Months

Ty is 8 months old today! And on his Mommy & Daddy's 8 year anniversary. I'm already starting to brainstorm ideas for his First Birthday party. I can't believe it. It will be here before we know it.
Here's what the "Ty Man" is up to:

  • He is crawling all over the place. No more just putting him down in the middle of the living room with toys and walking away. No sir. He goes straight for the things he's not supposed to have and he is FAST.
  • He pulls up on just about anything that stands still. He gets the best "I'm so proud of myself" look when he does it. Usually when go in his room to get him up from naps or bedtime he's standing in his crib and gets the biggest smile on his face when he sees us.
  • I can already tell he's is "all boy" as they say. He bangs on everything. And I mean everything: the table, his highchair, his leg, his toys, my arm when I'm feeding him. The list goes on & on. I think we're going to start calling him "Bam Bam."
  • When we're eating around him, he opens his mouth like a bird and when we don't pay attention to what he's doing or don't give him the food he sees us eating, he gets angry and starts yelling at us. Watch out. He's going to be an eater.
  • He's still enjoying lots of baby food and his 4 bottles a day.
  • We're working on learning the sippy cup. He hasn't quite mastered it, but we're getting there.
  • Still no teeth for him. I can't believe it. With the amount of drooling & hand chewing going on, I would have sworn he would have some by now. You can definitely feel them under his gums. They just haven't quite popped through.
Until next time...

Monday, February 22, 2010

48 Hours and Counting

In 48 hours I will be here...

seeking refuge from the sun under here...

snoozing away in a room like this...

with our own terrace overlooking the ocean just like this...

and dining here...
all with my husband and no "little people." Somebody pinch me!

Friday, February 5, 2010


We have a book at our house called Heartprints. It's a book that focuses on doing kind deeds for others and when you do, you are leaving a "Heartprint." The other morning MacKenzie came bouncing down the stairs with the book in her hand. She said, "Mom, can I bring this book to school?" I asked her why. Her response,"Because it's a book about doing nice things and being nice to people. And some of the boys in my class haven't been being very nice." She wanted to take it to school and ask her teacher to read it to the class. I said, "Of course you can bring it to school. Just make sure you bring it back home." That afternoon she came home and said, "Mom, Mrs. Williamson wants to know if I can bring the book back with me tomorrow. She wants to read it to the class again." So she brought it back to school with her the next day. That afternoon she comes running off the bus with the biggest grin on her face. I asked how her day was. Through her huge smile she said, "Guess what!? All of the other 1st grade teachers read the book to their class too. AND now we have a brand new thing in our class. We each have a paper heart with our names on it. When our teachers catch us doing kind things for others, we get a stamp called a "Heartprint" on our heart, and when we get 10 stamps, we get a prize!" Leave it to MacKenzie to get an entire new program about doing kind deeds implemented at her school! She is such a kind, caring soul.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I Heart Hearts

Not really. I actually do not heart hearts. However, my girls love them and in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I did a little crafting that involved hearts. Super simple. Super Inexpensive. Super cute!

Vintage inspired Valentine's Day Scrapbook Paper: $.59

Ready Made Valentine's Day Blank Canvases: $7

Scissors, Mod Podge, & A Pencil: in my craft drawers

Vintage Inspired "I Love You" Sign: $7.59

3 Bud Vases: on my desk

Conversation Hearts: $2

Styrofoam Heart Stakes: $3.50

Adorable Centerpieces: $5.50