Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 'O Fun

Settle in y'all. Lots 'o pictures coming your way.

We started out our day yesterday with a mini photo session of the kiddos all dressed in their St. Patty's Day gear.

If you're wondering why my baby boy has his hand up in all of the pictures, it's because every time I take his helmet off, he does this now. Poor baby. He just rubs & rubs & rubs on his head.

We went to the. coolest. lunch. place. Seriously. If you're in the Houston area, you must check it out. It's called Little Matt's and it's in West University, my old stomping ground. It's as if you stepped back in time and are visiting the local market with a place to eat right next door. There's candy & icee's galore and it makes you want to tell the person behind the counter, "Just put it on my tab." It's one of those kinds of places. They have an adorable courtyard outside with bright, colorful picnic tables to relax and dine, and a room full of arcade games and TV's with free video games for the kids to play.

The "Wish Wall" where kids & adults alike write down wishes, roll them up and place them in small holes on this board made just for their dreams.

The "Dog Bar" featuring fresh water and a bucket full of free Milkbones for the pups.

Don't let this picture fool you. We were there pretty early for lunch. By the time we left, there wasn't a seat to be had!

My boy doing what he does best.

The entrance when we were leaving. People leave their strollers draped in their nice baby blankets outside the front door. And the basket on the bike. I mean really. It was like I had stepped into a scene in Pleasantville.

From there we went on to the Museum of Natural Science. As I suspected, MacKenzie was in. her. element. It was so fun to watch her and all the kids check everything out.

Woah. That's big.

Before the 3D Imax about Whales & Dolphins. As you can clearly see, my fashion-conscious daughters were not happy about having their picture taken with the nerdy 3D glasses.

Lots of finger pointing going on.

At the end of our museum trip, Maggie got all the kids their own geodes to crack open and see what was inside. It was so exciting to see it open up and discover what kind of crystal was on the inside.

We definitely had a "Day 'O Fun" yesterday and boy were we all exhausted to prove it. 2 out of my 3 little ones were racked out in the car on the way home and the other one and her Momma were not too far behind. Plus everyone slept until almost 9 this morning! Thank you Maggie for such a fun adventure. Something tells me it won't be long before we're back at the museum to see more exciting things.


andrea said...

What kind of food did that place have?? Looks neat!

Ashley McWhorter said...

That restauraunt looks so, so fun! We will have to visit there sometime, for sure!