Monday, August 22, 2011

Ty's First Day of Preschool

My "baby" boy started preschool this morning! That is why I actually have the time to sit & post on my blog. Normally this time would be filled with diaper changes, car & train playing, wiping sticky hands & a messy mouth, picking up a trail of Cheerios all around the house, and doing the Yo Gabba Gabba dances with my boy. But not today. Today he is in his classroom at his new school and, I have a feeling, loving every minute of it. He loves to be around other kids and really loves learning, so I think he's going to do great in school. Here are a few pictures from this morning.

Breakfast before the big day.

All ready to go with my back pack & lunch box!

This boy literally is always happy. He makes me smile.

"Look at this Mom!"

Joining right in for the prayer before class starts.


Team Dale said...

HE IS SOOOOO STINKIN' CUTE!! Here's to a wonderful year!!

Lacey said...

So cute. He is a doll and is ALWAYS so happy.I know he will have a great year and have his teachers wrapped around his little fingers.

Ashley McWhorter said...

So, so cute! I still wish that he and Cash were at the same school, but I know he'll have an awesome year wherever he's at. :)