Tuesday, April 8, 2008

7000 Pool Floats

We are in the process of getting ready for the Home Shopping Network, and a few days ago we got a delivery. The Instaflators are being packed together in a package deal with a pool float to be sold on HSN. You know the whole, "You get one Instaflator....but wait, you actually get two! No, we are going to throw in two more! And that's not all...you're going to get a pool float too! All this for the low, low price of......" So, we are providing a pool float in the package, and we had them delivered to our driveway. There were 250 boxes of floats, each box weighing 40 pounds. They took up three pallets. Usually when things get delivered in pallets, you would use a lift of some sort to get them from the truck to where you are going to store them. The truck driver said he thought he was going to a warehouse, not a residence, so he did not bring a lift since he assumed the "warehouse" would have one. Well, needless to say the Miller Warehouse does not have a lift. So, Marty and the truck driver, who was a really nice guy by the way, had to open each wrapped pallet and individually unload each individual box onto the end of our driveway. It was quite a chore. Then Marty had to take 3-4 boxes, load them onto a dolly and wheel them into our garage/storage facility. Amazingly he managed to cram them in our garage along with the girls' Power Wheels, bikes, helmets, scooters, games, teepee, ride-on toys, all of Marty's tools, and chests, and STILL have room for his precious car. Hopefully after HSN and the infomercial our garage will be empty! Just one more step in our journey of The Instaflator, I thought I would share. 


The Thompson's said...

That is too funny. Next time you guys call me on something like that, I would have been glad to help.

Marlers said...

Crazy!!! That is amazing!! I feel like as a mom that I have about 100 inventions that could make, IF I put forth the effort in making it happen...BUT am very impressed at the success already with your new invention!!! How exciting!!! I will send anyone your way that is needing something like that!!