Sunday, April 20, 2008

Say what you need to say

I first heard this song at a church a while ago, and I fell in love with it. It's a John Mayer song and it's on the soundtrack of the movie The Bucket List. I think it spoke to me especially, since I am not always the person to say what I need to say. Now, I'm not talking about saying whatever is on my mind and not caring about the other people involved. I just mean that I don't always express my feelings when I should. I am learning how to do that and luckily being married and having children is helping me along the way. So I was actually trying to add this song to a post last night, and I couldn't get it to work, so I gave up. Then this morning at church, this song was played again! I couldn't believe that the morning after I was trying to add this song to my blog I would hear it at church. Well, actually I can believe it, because that's how God works...especially with me. It's probably because I'm a little hard headed and set in my own ways, that He definitely makes things crystal clear for me when He's speaking. I love it when you know for sure God is speaking to you and it's so clear what He is saying. So I thought I would share this song for those who have not heard it, and for those who have, to challenge you to "say what you need to say."
Click here then you will have to click the link on the middle of the page to play the song. I still can't get it to play directly on the blog, but it's worth the few clicks to get to.