Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Future Stars



The Thompson's said...

Wow!! That was great! Future stars for sure. The best part I think was Mackenzie saying "ok.. now lets listen to it."

Lindsay Miller said...

That's my favorite part too....it's so MacKenzie.

Lacey Morgan said...

too cute. Ellie loves the monkeys teasing Mr. Alligator too. I read her the book the other night and she started singing the entire book...they obviously do this at school- too cute!

Meredith said...

Lindsay, what an awesome blog!! I'm very impressed. Now we have to get Shannon to create one, too, so I can keep up with her family like I can with yours now. :)

I can't believe your girls are so big now... WOW! I'm very happy for the adorable Miller clan. Please tell Marty hello for me.

Love, Mer

Lindsay Miller said...

Thanks Meredith! I told Shannon that it was a big compliment that you liked my blog, since I stalk yours! I love your blog. Blogging really is such a great way to keep up with people you don't get to see often. I think Shannon would make a great blogger....I'll work on her.