Sunday, October 19, 2008

You see this?










You're basically putting your money in the same place. I watched kid after kid after kid tonight at the pizza place walk up to the crane game with a twinkle in their eye. They each had it spotted. The stuffed animal they wanted. The one that probably cost the vending game people about 4 cents to buy and put in their "game" if you wanna call it that. They'd walk up with bright eyes & hope and they'd leave, head down, empty handed. Every. Time. Now there were, of course, a few close calls that caused everyone around to gasp and hold their breath just waiting to see if the crane would make it all the way to the drop off point; all that excitement and anticipation for what? For the crane to drop the toy at the very last minute before reaching its final destination. What is the point? You may as well just toss your quarters in the trash can. 


Ashley McWhorter said...

The girls do this with the gum ball machine at Skeeter's. Conn gives them each four quarters and that is it. It has worked pretty well...for now. :)

Lindsay said...

That gumball machine at Skeeter's is no joke! It's a running joke in our family because Marty always tries to win them for the girls and he never can, and so it's Mom to the rescue. I come through in the clutch!

Oh and another thing, if we don't give them quarters for the machine or we don't win one, inevitably, every single time, Reagan walks up to our table with a gumball. We still don't know if she finds them on the floor or if she's figured out some secret way to get them out without money! :)

Lacey said...

Ugh...I know...I hate that stupid game and GAVIN is addicted to it. I will try and win him something ONE time and then that's it. And the toys are all junk is throwing money out the window...but the kids LOVE It.