Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Estes Park

A few days before Christmas, Marty got a wild hair to drive to Colorado and surprise his family that lives there. He has some time off of work and we figured it would be a great opportunity that might not come up again soon. So we packed up the girls, an ice chest, snacks, pillows, blankets, toys, cameras, video cameras, and pretty much everything else in our house, and hit the open road for a 16 hour drive. I documented the road trip with my new Flip, so I'll be sharing those enlightening videos a little later. For now, here are some photos from a short trip we took to Estes Park. It is a charming town in a beautiful setting and we had a great time there.

The place we stayed for the night, The Lake Shore Lodge

The view from our balcony

The Stanley House
Look familiar? It's the hotel where The Shining was filmed.

Elk hanging out near the road

Enjoying some hot chocolate while strolling down the chilly streets of Downtown Estes Park

Great old fashioned candy store that gave out samples!

Downtown Estes Park at sunset

Cozy den at the place we stayed

Big Horn Sheep on a hill by the road

Huge Elk crossing the road right in front of our car!


misty said...

That place looks beautiful! Great pictures! Have fun!

Lacey said...

How fun!! I bet the chilly weather really made it feel like Christmas!! How fun!! We got a flip also- it's so fun, isn't it?? I have no excuse not to have videos on my blog now. :) Also, my dad is in love with the Shining....so I definitely recognized that hotel...red rum...red rum...lol...did you guys go in it?? So neat!! Hope you are feeling great and enjoying your holiday. Only a few more weeks until you find out what that baby is- I can not wait!!

Lacey said...

p.s. I love my new IS lens...thanks for the recommendation. :)

Kelli said...

Beautiful place. That is one place I'd like to visit, Colorado. Was the family surprised?

Ashley McWhorter said...

So fun! We have been skiing there before. Gorgeous place! Oh...and the Shining...one of Conn's favorite's. If we ever go back, we will have to check with y'all about where y'all stayed. It looked so pretty!

Vintage Momma Designs said...

Been missing you! Bran and I had fun looking at these pics! Looks so beautiful! I can't imagine waking up to that view everyday! Goodness! I am so excited to find out about this sweet baby! I know you said you think it's a girl...so exciting :)) I'm rooting for a girl... wonder why??? See you soon!