Friday, March 13, 2009

My Favorite Song Right Now

Oh, how I love this song! I love the lyrics. I love the melody. I love the harmonies. I love the instrumentation. And last but certainly not least, I love the message. What a beautiful and comforting picture to think of death as "finding our way home." I don't know about you, but it comforts me to think of my loved ones that have died in a warm, cozy "home" with Jesus. Push play, turn it up loud and dance around the room! It's the only way to listen to this song.

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Tanni said...

I love this song too. Billy and I were blessed to go to their concert in The Woodlands last summer. It was a great night of worship. He told the story about losing his dad and how this song took form. I lost my Dad several years ago so I really connected with the story. Their blog is hilarious if you want to check it out.


Jamie said...

Isnt this song just fabulous. It makes me wanna cry, but a happy cry. I love it. I love the picture it creates with the lyrics. I like when it says
"And all the questions that i swore i would ask
Words just won’t come yet
So amazed at what i’ve seen
So much more than this old mind can hold"
We always say we will ask God when we get there, but the fact is when we get there we wont care why. Love it! Thanks for sharing Lindsay!

andrea said...

It's easy listening. Good one. :)

So when are YOU gonna be singing with us again???