Monday, March 9, 2009

You might be 6 months pregnant...

  • ...if you can get out of the shower and hang your towel on your belly & it stays there until you're ready for it. Sorry for the visual.
  • ...if, every time you bend down to pick something up off the floor or lean in the backseat of the car to reach something for your screaming toddler, this involuntary grunting sound comes out of your mouth.
  • ...if, to do a simple toss in bed from one side to the other, it requires a 5-point turn.
  • ...if you have to basically crawl out of bed in the morning because you have to pee so bad you can barely walk.
  • ...if you feel like you have been renting out space in your belly for 6 months and you're ready for that lease to be up. The tenant is getting a little rowdy in there.
  • ...if your 6 year old comes up to you on a daily basis and rubs your belly as if you were Buddha.
  • ...if your husband now refers to you as "cute" rather than "hot."
  • ...if, after eating anything remotely spicy I'm talking ONE GRAIN of pepper here, your chest cavity feels like there's molten lava rising up in it. 
  • ...if your car mysteriously steers itself into the drive-thru of Chick Fil A at 2:30 in the afternoon and out of your mouth comes, "Yes, I would like a large Oreo Cookie Milkshake please."
  • ...if you buy Break & Bake chocolate chip cookies with the intention of baking them with your children one afternoon and instead end up eating all of the raw dough late at night after they are in bed. 
  • ...if you are dreading the return of hot weather because, well, the thought of putting on a pair of shorts right now.....ha!..... Again, sorry for the visual.


Lacey said...

Lindsay, you look adorable. I don't just tell you that all the time to tell you- i mean it. You are a glowing momma!! And heck- enjoy those milk shakes and often do you have an excuse in life to eat/drink whatever you want and not feel guilty about it?? Can't wait to meet your little man.