Sunday, March 22, 2009

Right of Passage

Today MacKenzie had a right of passage. She got her ears pierced! She really has never been interested in getting them pierced and we never talked much about it. Earlier in the week we watched a girl getting hers done at Claire's in the mall, and ever since then it has been a hot topic in our house. MacKenzie would go back & forth about wanting them done, but not wanting them done. I think she was a little scared it would hurt, but her big concern about not getting them done was "What if I don't ever get them pierced and then I can't wear earrings on my wedding day?" A valid concern, I guess. Anyway she finally decided today that she did want them pierced after all. 

A little apprehensive about what was to come...

Feeling the "gun" 

The flinch just before...

...And the small cry as soon as they went in

Needing Daddy's hand to hold

Checking them out for the first time

Liking it

Of course, we can't go to Sweet & Sassy without making our own concoctions of candy powder & lip gloss!

Reagan got to participate in the concoctions too...and, if you're wondering, she does not have a mustache...she's just dirty! You would think her mother would wipe off her face after playing all afternoon at the park....NAH!    : )


Lacey said...

What a big girl...Reagie is next. :)

Amy said...

What a fun "Big Girl" day. The girls are so pretty!

Jamie said...

I cant believe how big she looks. Can we please freeze the time. OMG. Both of them look so old in that last pic but I cant believe she is old enough to get here ears pierced. CRAZY!!! Beautiful though! :)

Kelli said...

I got a little teary seeing her cry but then was happy again seeing her smile. Adorable!

Greg and Joy Ryan said...

She is so brave!!! and such a beautiful girl!

Tim said...

Mackenzie you are such a big girl! That was so brave and I am so proud. You have grown so much from the little girl I used to coach soccer.

Here's to hoping that Taylor doesnt ask for a long time. LOL

Love and Prayers,



I can't believe it! Our babies are growing up way too fast! It seems she really likes them. :)