Sunday, November 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday

"Not Me! Monday" is back! Well, it's really been going on all along without me, but I'm back! So I had a total "Not Me Monday" moment yesterday in Wal Mart where LOTS of things that can make the Not Me Monday list happen and it inspired me to get back into it. It was always therapeutic. So here goes:

I most certainly did not pick up my baby boy's pacifier off the floor of Wal Mart and put it back in his mouth, WITHOUT washing it off. Go ahead, GASP...I know you want to.

I did not just eat a bowl of Special K cereal at 10:30 at night even though I've already eaten dinner, and I am definitely not so addicted to said cereal that I sometimes have it 3 times a day and have to buy a new box of it once a week.

Since I am such a firm believer in portraits capturing the "true essence" of who you are at that time in life, I did not practice smiling with my 6 year old before our family portrait so that I could ensure she would have a sweet smile that doesn't show her crazy teeth situation going on right now. No way would I do a thing like that. That would be like completely against all that I stand for as a photographer.

I did not let my sister feed my 5 month old a dinner roll at the Thanksgiving table just so I could get funny pictures of him devouring it. I mean, really...what kind of mother would do that?

Alrighty, since my brain wasn't in "Not Me Monday" mode all week, that's all I've got this time. Wanna check out more things people aren't doing? For some reason, MckMama's site is not available, so I'll post a link to more Not Me Mondays if it comes back.

Thanksgiving '09

We started out our Thanksgiving morning with this in the oven...

...while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

mmm...breakfast You may notice a trend developing soon...

The kids kept busy playing a little Wii,

and playing around on the laptop.

PawPaw Lee spent some time reading in his favorite spot.

Let the preparation begin.

While our other food is being prepared for later, this was the favorite "snack" on the menu. Noticing a trend yet?

Ty thought he needed in on some drinks.

The kids then occupied their time creating long strands of dominoes throughout the house.

I spent some time making the miniature flower arrangements for our tables,

and setting the tables.

Ty got his very own placecard.

Fry it up! The ONLY way to eat turkey in the South!

You like our rigged up Turkey? There was no stand, so my brother-in-law made one out of wire hangers. See, Mommy Dearest, those things do come in handy!

Oh, the sides, sides, sides...

Our two types of turkey: fried & honey baked

Let us not forget the desserts! Got the trend yet?

The kids even got to make their own mini pecan pies.

Look what this little man munched on at the dinner table. If you can't tell, it's a roll and oh my...did he enjoy it!

My awesome hubby doing the dishes for us!

And now...for the preparation for the Annual Thanksgiving Sprint. Because who doesn't feel like running a hundred yard dash after eating all that food? I know I do.

Stretch it out.

And the winner is...

Poor Liam pulled his hamstring in the race.
As you can see in the video, it sounds like we were very concerned. Just kidding Liam! We were...really. Oh and for anyone wondering, it turns out he was just fine...and even able to participate in our annual Boys vs. Girls Pictionary Game later that evening. No pictures of that event. It's just too ugly to document.