Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Estes Park

A few days before Christmas, Marty got a wild hair to drive to Colorado and surprise his family that lives there. He has some time off of work and we figured it would be a great opportunity that might not come up again soon. So we packed up the girls, an ice chest, snacks, pillows, blankets, toys, cameras, video cameras, and pretty much everything else in our house, and hit the open road for a 16 hour drive. I documented the road trip with my new Flip, so I'll be sharing those enlightening videos a little later. For now, here are some photos from a short trip we took to Estes Park. It is a charming town in a beautiful setting and we had a great time there.

The place we stayed for the night, The Lake Shore Lodge

The view from our balcony

The Stanley House
Look familiar? It's the hotel where The Shining was filmed.

Elk hanging out near the road

Enjoying some hot chocolate while strolling down the chilly streets of Downtown Estes Park

Great old fashioned candy store that gave out samples!

Downtown Estes Park at sunset

Cozy den at the place we stayed

Big Horn Sheep on a hill by the road

Huge Elk crossing the road right in front of our car!

Friday, December 26, 2008

I've missed you...

...blogging world. I took myself a little vacation. I didn't really go anywhere. I just got my husband back after several months of him traveling and I didn't want to do anything but soak up time with him and the girls. So I missed a few important blogging dates while I was gone and I plan to catch you up on all the happenings in The Miller Household, just not at one time. I don't want to overload you! While I was gone my baby girl turned 6 years old. Now I could get all sappy and sentimental and talk about how I absolutely cannot believe my baby is 6! And how much she blesses our lives with her selfless giving to others and unbelievable thoughtfulness. And how she makes me laugh so much at how particular she is about things and isn't afraid to let you know. But I'll spare you all that and get to the celebration we had for her. She wanted to have her very first sleepover for her Birthday, so that's what we did. But first we did some glamourizing, some eating, some Happy Birthday singing, and some present opening. So here is our list of must-have ingredients for a fabulous 6 year old Birthday Sleepover:

1. Two Best Friends & One Doting Little Sister