Wednesday, December 23, 2009

6 Months

Half of a year. How quickly that time can go by. One more stretch of time like that and my baby will be 1 year old. So. Not. Cool.
What he's up to:

He can sit up for a short amount of time without help.
He JUST learned to scoot himself across the floor. I'm in trouble now!
He laughs, laughs, laughs all the time, and especially at his "sissies" being silly.
He loves to eat his vegetables. He's had all of the Stage 1 veggies so far. No fruits just yet.
He can put in his own "paci" and he will pull it out & put it back in over and over.
He continues to be the most flexible, easy-going baby and we have loved every single second we have had with him.

Ty just so happens to share his 6 month birthday with his oldest sister's 7 year birthday. Happy Birthday MacKenzie! Pictures from that celebration to follow...


Lacey said...

Happy Birthday Mac! And happy 6 months Ty!! hope you guys have a fun day celebrating. Hard to believe Mac is 7. Wow. 7.