Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Tonight before bed, I told the girls I would read them a few books. Reagan came home from the library with a stack of different books and there was one particular Christmas book we own that I wanted to read to them. They have been a little nit-picky at each other lately so I wanted to take this chance to try and get them to work together. I told them I would read the Christmas book and then they were to come to an agreement on what other book from the stack I would read. I gave them a timeline. I said, "You girls need to come to an agreement on which book you want, and when I am done sweeping the kitchen tell me which one you decided on. If, by that time, you have not reached an agreement nicely, I am not reading." Here's how the negotiation went:

MacKenzie: I wanna read this one.
Reagan: I already read that one 3 times in the car. I don't wanna read that one.
M: Oh really, you read it?
R: Yes, I read it. (It's important to note that Reagan does not know how to read.)
M: Whatever. I didn't read it & I have no idea what it's about, so I want this one.
R: No, I said I already read that one. I want this one.
Me (calling from the kitchen): Girls, you have to reach the agreement calmly & nicely.
M: MOM, Reagan's not agreeing on anything!
R: MacKenzie, let's AGREE on this one! Love that Reagan's version of "agreement" is agreeing on her choice. I have NO idea where she got that.
and so on & so on...

Do you want to know how it ended? Reagan gave in and said, "MacKenzie we can read the one you want." I went to sit down on the couch and start reading and MacKenzie chimed in, "No, Mom why don't you read the one Reagan wants. It's ok." So I praised them both for thinking of the other one before themselves and read the Christmas book and BOTH of the other books.