Thursday, March 31, 2011

Big Foot

**Update: A friend of mine had the suggestion of taking a picture of my foot now so you can see the difference and then really feel sorry for me. So at the bottom of the post is my foot today. :)

Not to be confused with Bigfoot, the Sasquatch. Although I think I'd rather share a room with that Bigfoot than to ever have to encounter this one again. Behold...
Folks, this is not a joke. This is not some extraordinary Photoshop trickery. This is my foot. For reals. Oh and guess what, I had another one that matched this one. These were the feet that I had for the last 2 months of my pregnancy. 2 Months! These were the feet that I walked around on in the 100 degree heat for 4 hours at a ranch to accompany my Kindergartner on her very first field trip. These were the feet that I was unable to adorn in ANY shoe except one pair of black flip flops that are now so stretched out they fall immediately off my normal feet. These were the feet that I walked around malls, shopping centers, city streets, & the street I live on to try and kick start labor. These were the feet that made nurses get very concerned about what my blood pressure would be when they saw them. And oddly enough, it was always completely normal....low in fact. These were the feet that I stood on while photographing people & cooking meals for my family. These were the feet that I walked around on at the pools while taking my girls swimming. These were my feet even 3-4 weeks after Ty was born. Thankfully around that time they did start to go back to normal. But wow. Did I earn your sympathy? Good. I deserve it.


Lacey said...

Did our dinner conversation last night provoke this post? :) That looks painful. Sympathy earned.

Lindsay said...

Lacey, funny enough I was already planning on posting this today. I posted a picture of my hugely swollen, fat face yesterday and made a comment about how my feet were actually worse. So it's funny that we ended up talking about that last night! :)