Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not Me! Monday

That's right, folks. You are not hallucinating. I am truly participating in Not Me! Monday for the first time in a looong time. Not sure what prompted me to jump back on this crazy ride, but I did. So buckle we go. (Oh and apparently it's been so long since I've participated that MckMama, the host for Not Me! Monday, is no longer hosting it so there's no link to go read more of them. Sorry about that. You're just going to have to get by with me today.)

I have not been spending 20-30 minutes of Ty's nap time the past few days lying on my kids' trampoline in the sun so I can get a little color on my pasty white self. That would be completely silly and there are so many other productive things I could be doing with my time while Ty naps. So I most certainly have NOT been doing THAT.

I did not take pity on myself as Ty was eating Taco Bell the other day because I was thinking of how bad the next diaper I was going to have to change would be. That's just nasty. I would never have such thoughts, and especially not while I, myself, was eating. Blech.

I am in no way waiting on pins & needles for this evening to be here so I can park myself in front of the tv for The Bachelor Finale. Nope.

While we're on the ahem trash tv subject, I never ever watch: Real Housewives of _____, The Real World, Teen Mom, or Jersey Shore. I mean, come on. What kind of a person do you think I am?

I did not heat up leftover mashed potatoes, sprinkle them with shredded cheese & bacon bits & eat them for lunch yesterday. And they did not taste delicious.

My husband & I didn't take our kids to McDonald's for dinner last night & just sit and watch them eat so that when we left there we could pick up "real" food for OUR dinner. What kind of parents would that make us?

And last but certainly not least, I am not so excited beyond belief that THIS Saturday we are getting family pictures taken by the one & only MckMama! And I have definitely not been meticulously putting together our outfits & every perfect accessory for the past few weeks in preparation for said Saturday.


Lacey said...

HOLY COW- How exciting about the photo shoot!!! Can't wait to see the blog post about that- you will blog it right??

I too am so excited for the Bachelor. Now that Reality Steve has changed his mind on the winner, I am so confused and really don't know who he will pick- which makes it all that more exciting.

Love Teen MOm too. When I was sick, Frank bought me the entire DVD collection to watch while I was in bed- LOL. And yes, he watches it with me. :)

Hate McDonalds, so if I want to be nice, or they have done something that deserves such a treat, I do the same thing. Nothing like feeding the kids McDonalds and then picking up Nit Noi take out next door. :)

Love your Not Me Mondays- keep them coming. I am liking that you are slowly coming back to blogging. :)

Kelly said...

Hubby and I totally do the Mcd's dinner thing too!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Oh, I love McDonald's. Conn and I sometimes go there when the kids aren't even with us. I know, we're weird! :)