Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun with Metering Modes

I have a crutch when taking pictures. It's the stay-in-the-shade-or-shoot-on-cloudy-days crutch. I was recently inspired by MckMama's post on backlit photos to get out of my comfort zone & step into the light...literally. Sometimes situations just arise that require shooting in full sun. It's definitely not the most ideal situation but it CAN be done. I've honestly never played with the metering mode of my camera. It's always been set on evaluative metering, which just means the camera takes into account all the light around it in making decisions on what to do for you. All this time, I just needed to switch that over to a different mode (and of course set the correct manual settings) to get decent exposure in the sun. So I sat my boy out in the grass in the sun with not a cloud in the sky to try out the new method. I have to say, I'm pretty happy with it. I would still always prefer to be in nice open shade or to shoot on an overcast day, but push comes to shove and at least I can make something magical happen out of the camera!

Not too shabby. Thanks MckMama for the great info!


Erin said...

wow great job :) those are some cute photos!!!

Emily said...

What a cute little guy!

Team Dale said...

wow! Those turned out great!