Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pics with MckMama

**Update** I've had so many comments/questions on our clothes for the photo shoot, so I'm working on a post about how I picked everything and where everything is from. Look for it tomorrow!

So, we had our pictures taken by MckMama yesterday and I didn't even stress out! Ok, maybe I did a little leading up to the shoot just making sure everything was ready and we all had the perfect clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. But the shoot itself was absolutely relaxed & enjoyable. She was great with the kids. Ty was a bit of a pill but that's to be expected with his age. My Mom & sister came to help and that was perfect. There is a sneak peek of a few pictures on her blog. And boy, MckMama sure doesn't play around with this whole blog thing. Just since she posted the preview of our pics late last night I've had almost 200 people visit my blog. Wow! If you found me through her, I'd love it if you'd say hello. Drop me a comment & introduce yourself. If you want to check out the pics click here. I can't wait to see all of them!


Anonymous said...

Where are the girls dresses from and where is your adorable pink shirt from? So cute!!

Jackie said...

Okay, your family is adorable! I am in a wedding in June and need a gray sundress- I'd LOVE to know where yours is from! Thank you!

Jackie Askvig
Welcome, Darling. Custom Crocheted Accessories.

Lacey said...

Love the pictures. Love the last one of the kids and Love that one of Mac with her hair flowing. Beautiful!!

Elle said...

Gorgeous pics!!

Anonymous said...

Your family is just beautiful and MckMama does do great work! We enjoyed having her photograph us in November!