Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Keeping Busy

We evacuated to Louisiana to stay with my Mom due to hurricane Ike. We have been here since Thursday evening, and we have no plans to return right now. Alot of Houston is still without electricity, including our neighborhood. School has been canceled for MacKenzie at least through the week and possibly for longer if they can't get the electricity restored. So, I have been trying to keep the girls as busy as possible while we stay here at "Maggie's" house. Today we went to a place called "Clayfish Bisque" A play on words - CLAY instead of CRAW, since we are in the Crawfish capital. Crawfish Bisque is a popular cajun dish. It's one of those pottery painting places. The girls really enjoyed picking out their pottery piece and all the colors they wanted and painting. 


Lacey said...

We just did that with the kids in Destin. I am not sure who enjoyed it more, them or me. :0) As always your pictures are awesome. I even loved the paint brushes. Do you guys have power yet?

Lindsay said...

Yeah I definitely enjoyed it as much if not more than the girls. I just love those places.

We do not have power yet. It seems we are the last in the woodlands. They canceled MacKenzie's school for Monday now. And they have us checking the website daily for updates. So I guess we're just taking it day by day. I don't plan on coming back until we have power.